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Emotion Winds (2014) by Maurice Benayoun


Since 2008, Streaming Museum exhibitions,

programs of the arts and world affairs
and our original videos have reached
millions on seven continents. 


They've been presented in public spaces and the online public space, and at cultural,
educational and commercial centers.
Programs have brought together the general public and experts to discuss society's issues
and potential, and the interconnected
role of the arts.


The museum promotes the power of the arts
as witness, humanist and futurist interpreter, motivator, unifier, beautifier, problem solver, meditation zone, illuminator of cultural commonalities and diversities and new ways
of seeing, model of the creative process, and teller of the stories that matter.

Exhibitions, Programs

Memorable spectacles and events have been created in collaboration with international artists, experts and partners

Bjork's "Mutual Core" in Times Square Midnight Moment
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Bjork's "Mutual Core" is about the human connection to nature and universe. Exhibited across Times Square to launch the World Tour of Nordic Outbreak exhibition and public programs featuring 30 Nordic video artists. Video by Streaming Museum. Left: Cocor MediaChannel, Bucharest, Right: Sao Paulo, Brazil

The goal has been to present art and ideas in the places most accessible to the public in their daily lives - public spaces and online, as well as in physical space in a variety of venues