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NORTH AMERICA - New York City, San Jose, Second Life, Dallas, Montreal

New York City

Programs in public spaces, cultural, educational and commercial centers, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza - "the gateway to the United Nations" HERE

San Jose, California

Zero1 San Jose Biennial, 2010, 2012 HERE

Second Life (California)

Streaming Museum presented several exhibitions in the virtual world of Second Life HERE

Dallas, Texas

Launch of Streaming Museum in 2008 at Victory Park, Dallas, Texas, one of the 7-continent locations that presented the inaugural exhibition. HERE

Montreal, Canada

Streaming Museum presentation at International Connecting Cities Symposium at the Phi Centre, 407 Saint-Pierre Street, Montréal at ELEKTRA - MUTEK IMDA 8th Edition 2014. Conference and International Digital Arts Biennial and exhibitions. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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