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ASIA - Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, Dubai, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand


Bjork Mutual Core video as part of Nordic Outbreak world tour, in collaboration with JM Network screens in Hong Kong and Macau HERE

The Future of Museum and Gallery Design conference at University of Hong Kong, organized by K11 Foundation and Leiscester University, UK November 13-15, 2015 Presentation by Nina Colosi, Founder, Creative Director, Streaming Museum HERE

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival - Streaming Museum exhibition "The Overview Effect & Other Planetary Interconnections" HERE


Theater of Nations, Moscow, presents Bjork's Mutual Core from Streaming Museum's Nordic Outbreak international exhibition, in a program of artwork presented in Times Square curated by Sherry Dobbin, creative director of Times Square Arts. Dobbin presented public programs about the role of art and technology in contemporary public space, at the Theater and the Strelka Institute. September 14-25, 2016


First digital outdoor art exhibition, collaborations with Zayed University, American University, ISEA, Venice Biennial program HERE


Collaborations in exhibitions for international tours with curator Dooeun Choi and Art Center Nabi Nam June Paik Art Center Korean Film Archives Tomorrow City HERE


International tour: Streaming Museum and Art Plural Gallery collaborated in exhibition of Arrival–Departure by Spanish artist Tom Carr in public spaces around the world HERE


International tour: Sombat Permpoon Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, was a partner in exhibiting Artists and Innovators for the Environment in 2008 – 2009 which included artwork by Worariddh Riddhagni HERE


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