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SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay


ArteBA, Buenos Aires - Streaming Museum presents Codes of Culture exhibition HERE

Espacio Fundación Telefónica Arenales 1540, Buenos Aires

"On the Moon and Beyond" June 10 to September 14, featuring Eduardo Kac's "Natural History of the Enigma" which won a Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica 2009, and selections from the video oratorio "Paradiso", by avant pop Dutch composer Jacob Ter Veldhuis.

Streaming Museum exhibition coordinated by: Federico Demateis and Marcelo Marzoni


Video Guerrilla Festival - video art projected onto building facades around Campinas, Sao Paulo in 2015. Streaming Museum presented Bjork in Times Square video by David Bates, Jr / Streaming Museum, Light Motif by Frederic Bonpapa, and Emotion Forecast by Maurice Benayoun

Espaço Cultural Tendal da Lapa,  São Paulo, Brazil Nordic Outbreak artworks outdoor and indoor projections at the Cineclube at the Tendal da Lapa. Produced in collaboration with the University of São Paulo, Colabor Research Center for Digital Media, PGEHA, Cine Galapão, Pulso Filmes, Programa Vocacional and Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São Paulo



Curator/artist Santiago Tavella and artist Brian Mackern, directed the inaugural launch exhibition of Streaming Museum on January 29, 2008, along with locations on 7 continents, symbolically exhibiting at precisely the same time Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984) by Nam June Paik.

Subte also exhibited the 3 exhibitions of Artists and Innovators for the Environment, October 3, 2008 to March 15, 2009 Immobilité by Mark Amerika, April 14, 2009 to May 9, 2009 Immobilité por Mark Amerika

14 de Abril al 9 de Mayo, 2009

Largometraje filmado totalmente con un teléfono celular.

Versión remix por el autor para espacios públicos (10:30 minutos) Located in the heart of Montevideo City, the Centro Municipal de Exposiciones – Subte, is a center of distribution, promotion and exhibition of contemporary art. Its aim is to explore diverse approaches to temporal-space dynamics and the problematics of todays art. Streaming Museum’s exhibitions were produced by the Subte team: Santiago Tavella, Curator; Brian Mackern, Art and Technology Coordinator; Ana Knobel, Cultural Manager; Enrique Balestrino, Communications. 

Ubicado en el corazón de la ciudad de Montevideo, el Centro Municipal de Exposiciones Subte (CME – Subte), es un centro de difusión, promoción y exposición de arte contemporáneo. Su objetivo es explorar de manera dinámica diversos abordajes espacio-temporales de la problemática del arte actual.

El equipo de trabajo está constituido por Santiago Tavella (curador), Brian Mackern (Coordinador arte y tecnología), Ana Knobel (Gestion cultural), Enrique Balestrino (Comunicación y montaje).

Santiago Tavella Subte Municipal, Plaza Fabini, 18 de Julio y Julio Herrera y Obes Montevideo, Uruguay +598-2-908 7643 Pictures and videos taken during the inaugural exhibition event of Streaming Museum which presented on seven continents Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984) by Nam June Paik

Streaming Museum inaugural exhibition January 29, 2008


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