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North American Tour 2022

The artists explore how technology connects, and disconnects, us from each other and from other life forms and processes. Visitors enter a realm of virtual reality with sightless goggles and three-dimensional audio as a guide through a choreography of movement and synchronized touch.

A Language of What May Not Be Said  
a program of VR artworks by
Swedish duo Lundahl & Seitl presented at
MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA
Swedish House in Washington, D.C.
ONX Studio and Scandinavia House in NYC
with artist talks and a conversation with
Barbara London. September 19 - October 2
(Click locations for event information)

​At the advent of the endemic, the artists present two artworks, The Memor and Symphony of a Missing Room, that each in a different way, explore how technology lay the ground for the human umwelt: how it connects and disconnects us from each other and other life-forms and processes. To experience the artworks you will use VR technology, sightless goggles, and three-dimensional sound in headphones, and you will get an instructed choreography of movement and synchronized touch from a guide.