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Garden of Ghost Flowers

by Lundahl & Seitl, Untold Garden Studio
"that which is not me, but of which I am a part"
Streaming Museum continues showcasing the work of Lundahl & Seitl which reflects on society's global interconnectivity.

Attend the event at STRP, Eindhoven, NL, one of the largest art & technology (e-culture) festivals in Europe
7 Apr —10 Apr 2022, Piazza Eindhoven
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Garden of Ghost Flowers is a virtual being that feeds on the voices of those who visit it. It is inspired in part by two things; firstly the sociological concept of resonance, defined by sociologist Hartmut Rosa as a mode of interacting with the world that is not based on control, but rather in an attitude of open listening through which one can be truly affected by the other. Secondly, it is inspired by Monotropa Uniflora, commonly known as the ghost flower, a plant that abandoned photosynthesis, survives in darkness, and feeds on the fungal web in the earth's soil. The experience takes place in a biosphere that holds a digital life-form modeled after the traits of the ghost flower - an entity that feeds on human resonance: networks of human qualities, such as listening, caring, and adapting, expressed through the voices of the visitors. The life cycle of the Ghost Flower lasts for 20 minutes and can accommodate a group of up to 20 people, the vocal interactions of which form a unique biotope from which the digital flower grows. Some groups are deserts, some are lush forests, while others are something else entirely. At first, the growing flower might be fragile and tender, but as soon as it gains strength from the collective resonance, it grows and thrives, subsuming the group until it blurs the boundaries of its constituents. Like with its biological counterpart, it is uncertain if the virtual Ghost Flower is symbiotic or parasitic. Where do the human end and the flower begin?


Rachel Alexander
Hara Alonso

Garden of Ghost Flowers is a STRP ACT AWARD commission

Co-production by: 
Manchester International Festival (UK)
Screen City Biennale (NO

The Garden of Ghost Flowers is researched and developed with support by CPH:LAB, IDFA DocLAB and Magasin lll’s Work in Progress program.

Lundahl & Seitl is supported by:
Kulturbryggan - Swedish Art Grants Committee
Swedish Arts Council
City of Stockholm

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Lundahl Seitl - Foto Sergei Munchin.tif

Lundahl & Seitl (SE) is a Stockholm and London-based duo that works with simulated realities in interactive, time-specific installations. The duo creates immersive experiences and uses them as a philosophical tool to explore the boundaries and connections between life, objects and technologies, and places and environments.

Untold Garden (SE & UK) is a Stockholm and London-based experiential art studio that makes art installations, virtual sculptures, interactive performances, artificial ecologies and organic social networks. The studio collaborates with engineers, scientists, artists, designers, architects, researchers and others from all over the world.

Streaming Museum showcases the art of Swedish duo Lundahl & Seitl

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