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The Next Renaissance?


"Earthrise photographs from the 1968 Apollo-8 mission revolutionized how we see the world and ourselves. We are one people traveling together on one planet, toward one shared future."  - Astronaut Ron Garan

In 2024, a renaissance of transformative innovations is unfolding, yet the sustainability of life hangs in the balance.

     Each day, advancements emerge across diverse fields. Astronauts and National Geographic explorers use technology to discover the secrets of outer space and nature's ecosystems. Ecological finance pioneers craft a system valuing nature's use, while Quantum computing is developing its capability to push the limits of knowledge with the atomic forces that created the universe. Artists, green energy designers, robots, and remote forest inhabitants convey emotions and intricate ideas about the world's condition and future.
     However, these achievements, while remarkable, lack transformative power unless harmonized t
o address human and environmental crises.
    Below are three interconnected approaches to sustainability that flow through the viewpoints of over forty-five artists 
and groundbreaking explorations: Worldviews, Indigenous Lifeways, and Innovation.

Music and Art around the world
in public spaces, concert, studios, VR

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Streaming Museum, launched in 2008, showcases arts & world affairs on 7 continents in public spaces, venues, publications, & online, with viewpoints of artists, people, and across disciplines.

Lisa Moore, NYC-based Australian,  internationally acclaimed "visionary", "..queen of avant-garde piano" (The New Yorker), "a daredevil"(Pitchfork), performs Rzewski's Piano Piece #4.

Iranian New Zealand-based musician and sound artist Mo H. Zareei turns raw material into sound sculpture with Material Sequencer. Collect signed limited edition. Mo’s website & story.

MUTEK Montreal international music festival featured Leon Louder, musician/composer performing Entomophoniecompositions of insect sounds that he had recorded for the Montreal Insectarium. 

Mehsoos, by India-based The Tapi Project, is a beautiful ode to the simple, the mundane, the uncomplicated & sometimes undecorated things in life. Album & more about The Tapi Project

LUNDAHL-purple image TailOfHen.jpg

Tail of the Hen by Swedish duo Lundahl & Seitl, is a VR experience   using app & phone, that journeys to locations unknown with a friend or strangers around the world. The work is"in residence" at Streaming Museum

Music by TrueMendous on the street in London; albums & performances with BBC Orchestra, music for brands, Metaverse, Venice Biennale. Film by David/Streaming Museum.

Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock arranged by Aditya Prakash's Ensemble fuses jazz & Karnatik style of South India. His new album ISOLASHUN, interview, podcast & more music. 

DAVID BORING band, Hong Kong, confronts & empathize with the dark, claustrophobic modern world, that excites or traumatizes. Film by David/Streaming Museum.

Three Stories+Art on Sustainability
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