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“We Write This To You From The Distant Future" exhibition/performance at Juilliard at Lincoln Center

“We Write This To You From The Distant Future” on stage at Juilliard at Lincoln Center

Selections from the Streaming Museum global touring exhibition, “We Write This To You From The Distant Future” as well as recently created artwork will be presented as a dramatic exhibition/performance hybrid, co-produced with Juilliard’s Music Technology Department. The performances will take place March 26 at 8pm and Sunday March 27 at Juilliard at Lincoln Center in the new Willson Theater.

Tickets: Janet and Leonard Kramer Box Office at Juilliard (155 West 65th Street) Box Office hours are Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 6 PM 146 West 65, New York 212.769.7406

We Write This To You From the Distant Future is a hybrid art exhibition and performance that can be viewed as a collection of contemporary multi-media hieroglyphs that express the exponentially accelerating transformation of society brought about by science and technology.

The exhibition/performance includes the work of 15 international artists, and three artworks have been developed into performances with music ensembles and theater. Juilliard composer John Chin has created a composition for jazz ensemble and HD Traffic (2009) by John F. Simon, Jr.. Inventing Wonderland is an interpretation of W. Bradford Paley’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland TextArc (2001-2010) by Juilliard actor Brendan Spieth and composer Michelle Ross and ensemble.  Mission Eternity (2001-16) by the art group etoy, is underscored with an electronic arrangement, by Edward Bilous, of Bach’s O Gott, du frommer Gott sung by Elizabeth Farnum.  The concert includes Nightmaze by Sebastian Currier.  A unique rendition of Stravinsky’sL’Histoire du Soldat directed and choreographed by Yara Travieso, is the second program in this concert series.

Visual and performing artists in We Write This To You From The Distant Future

John F. Simon, Jr. HD Traffic with composer John Chin and jazz ensemble; W. Bradford Paley, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland interpretation by Brendan Spieth, actor, and Michelle Ross, composer, and ensemble, titled Inventing Wonderland;  etoy, Mission Eternity, music by Bach arranged by Edward Bilous; Eduardo Kac, Lagoglyphs; Michael Najjar, bionic angel and the singularity (in collaboration with Dieter Jaufmann); Mark Amerika, Immobilité; Andrea Ackerman, Rose Breathing; Terreform ONE/Mitchell Joachim and Maria Aiolova, Habitat, Urbanity, Mobility; Basetrack: One-Eight photographers Teru Kuwayama, Balazs Gardi and Tivadar Domaniczky; Andrew Senior, Nine Billion Names of God; Rachel Armstrong, Protocells; Kurt Ralske, Darkness (No Darkness).

Jazz composer John Chin & artist John F. Simon, Jr.;   Right:  Elizabeth & John Simon, artist Bradford Paley, Nina Colosi (Founder / Director of Streaming Museum), Neil Sieling (Chief Curator, Big Screen Project, NYC), Dooeun Choi (Curator, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea)

Eduardo Kac, Lagoglyphs _____________________Michael Najaar, the singularity

Michael Najaar, the singularity and telematic dreaming from bionic angel series

Mark Amerika, Immobilite; Trail(er) Mix …..John F. Simon, Jr, HD Traffic and John Chin’s jazz ensemble

John F. Simon, Jr, HD Traffic and John Chin’s jazz ensemble.

etoy, Mission Eternity   ______________   Inventing Wonderland, an interpretation by..

actor Brendan Speith and composer, violinist, Michelle Ross, of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by W. Bradford Paley

Photos by Jill Steinberg


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