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Art and Media, Guernica and Tahrir Square: Observations from Art Dubai

by Alana Chloe Esposito for Art Fag City March 29, 2012

Journalist and Bidoun senior editor Negar Azimi (Photo Courtesy Art Dubai)

It isn’t exactly a surprise that this year’s Global Art Forum, an annual discourse on contemporary art under the aegis of Art Dubai, should explore the theme “the Medium of the Media”. The event takes place on the rough anniversary of uprisings that spread across the Middle East, making it inevitable that panelists focused on where art fits into a landscape marked by tweets from Tahrir Square and the real-time dissemination of images of Qaddafi’s corpse.

This proved fruitful. Media, by virtue of its dual contexts within the worlds of reportage and publishing on the one hand, and as the agent of artistic expression on the other, has enough ambiguity to spawn rich discussions on the nebulous boundaries between information, art, and activism. This week, we’ll be covering a few of the most interesting of those discussions.


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