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Victory Park, Dallas, Texas

Victory Park was among Streaming Museum's launch partners on January 29, 2008, when locations on 7 continents symbolically exhibited at precisely the same time "Good Morning Mr. Orwell" by Nam June Paik. Exhibition information

An extraordinary place for art and artistry, Victory Media Network® is the first large-scale, outdoor digital arts gallery and entertainment center in the world. This modern Kunsthalle is located in Dallas at the heart of Victory Park, one of the most significant new urban developments in the United States. Through its Victory Arts program, Victory Park provides opportunities for digital artists from across Texas and around the world to work and experiment with the finest video display technology available.

Incorporated within the striking architecture of Victory Plaza are eleven large, high-resolution LED screens. Eight of these screens – four on each side of the Plaza – move along horizontal tracks to allow for a myriad of configurations and motion possibilities. These screens can also be combined in sets of four to create 31′ x 53′ “super screens” with HD resolution. High fidelity sound and an extensive theatrical lighting system heighten the experience to an immersive level.

The screen is presently not exhibiting artwork.

Victory Park Plaza 3090 Olive St. Dallas, Texas


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