Vectors: Digital Art of Our Time

Leonardo, Volume 35, Issue 5 October 2002



The Stone Age of the Digital Arts - Roger F. Malina

Director's Statement (A Moment in Time) - Bruce Wands

Renderings of Digital Art - Christiane Paul

Ten Myths of Internet Art - Jon Ippolito

Past, Present, and Future Tense - Gregor Muir

Ten Dreams of Technology - Steve Dietz

Art in Digital Times: From Technology to Instrument - Benjamin Weil

Selections for the Tenth New York Digital Salon - Zkm Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

Selections for the Tenth New York Digital Salon - Yuko Hasegawa

Music and Life - Joel Chadabe

Ten Key Texts on Digital Art: 1970-2000 - Lev Manovich

Collaborative Curatorial Culmination - Renee Schacht

The Antennae of the Race - Nina Colosi



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