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Utsikten Kunstsenter in Kvinesdal, Norway overlooks the Feda Fiord

Streaming Museum has collaborated in the production of several exhibitions with artistic director, curator Torill Haugen at Utsikten Kunstenter which is located at a small village in the south of Norway with a unique view of the Feda Fjord. UK is the newest art arena in the south region of Norway. The art centres dedication to art and technology has brought to the region a unique selection of contemporary art. Utsikten Kunstsenter is connected to Utsikten Hotell, and has its own art channel that can be viewed on all the TVs in the hotel. Visitors can also view the art programs in the public projection area in the entrance hall to the art center and hotel. Utsikten Kunstsenter is supported by the generous support of Norwegian Art Council.

In Kvinesdal, the Dyreknuten rises 291 meters (955 ft) over the fiord – almost as high as the Eiffel Tower. We trecked through the woods and climbed with ropes to the top of Dyreknuten for a breathtaking view of the fiord. Pictured above, Sophie, missionary, former Oracle exec; Kai, photographer and developer of intelligence software for superpowers; Jay, social activist/artist in some of the most troubled places in the world; Nina / Streaming Museum; photo by Torill, director of the arts center Utsikten Kunstsenter, Kvinesdal, Norway.

This is the view from my window, staying at the Utisikten Kunstsenter / Hotel / Restaurant in Kvinesdal, southern Norway – overlooking Feda fiord, where besides the mystical beauty, one of the striking things about being here is to be immersed in the sounds of nature. Picture taken on the day we opened the exhibition of Beathe Roenning  – a video installation that is a mesmerizing, meditative visual and sound composition of people at work. … Nina

Images above by Norwegian photographer Kai Wilhelm Nessler Website


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