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Ursula Endlicher: using Internet’s “nature” and user behavior to shape artworks

A recurring theme in Endlicher’s work is the “nature” of the web and the behavior of its users, addressed through exploitation of the Internet’s inherent architecture, the web’s HTML language, and user behavior on social media sites. Twisting conventional understanding of these subjects, Endlicher creates works that take the form of Internet art, performances, or installations.

I translate

systems and rulesets

from the Internet

and everyday life

onto one another.

Material for my web-based

work, performances and installations

is inspired by user behaviour from

Social Media, or by Internet protocols,

or even by the very architecture of the Web

– the HTML-language – itself.

I like to experiment with

the conventional understanding of

these topics and re-enact

Internet-phenomena in “real life” while

the other way around, I also

test out the cultural and natural

intricacies of everyday life

in the online world.

In many of my works

I have used computer code

as choreography for dancers.

In others I have taken on

the role of an anthropomorphized

Internet myself…

My work encompasses

theatrical manifestations

of online data in “real space”

and vice versa —

performative algorithms

deriving from “physical” data,

such as weather reports,

are utilized to choreograph

scenarios online.


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