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STICKERS: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art

by DB Burkeman and Monica LoCascio

STICKERS: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art: 1600+ artists. Music by Radiohead,The White Stripes, UNKLE, Moby, Fujiya & Miyagi, Nite Club, Ror-Shak.

Streaming Museum opened its summer 2011 exhibition, STICKERS: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art, on July 14 with a party and screening at the Big Screen Plaza on 6th Avenue between 29th and 30th Streets, NYC. Developed for Streaming Museum, it toured through the museum’s international network of screens in public spaces, and is viewed at

The exhibition features stickers by over 1600 artists and music by Radiohead, The White Stripes, UNKLE, Moby, Fujiya & Miyagi, Nite Club, Ror-Shak.  The collection is culled from the pages of  STICKERS: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art by DB Burkeman and Monica LoCascio which documents sticker culture – spanning the genres of art and music – starting in 1966 with Andy Warhol’s Banana sticker for the Velvet Underground and the evolution of stickers from early Californian skate culture, the punk rock pioneers, early hip hop, techno / rave culture, graffiti, sociopolitical / activism, to contemporary street and fine art. The project technically spanned over three years, but started decades before with the expansive personal collections of the authors.

The video has been produced and curated by its authors, DB Burkeman, Monica LoCascio, and edited by Benjamin Abrams and David Bates, Jr..


A short list of the over 1,600 exhibiting artists includes: AIKO, Andy Howell, Andy Warhol, Anthony Lister, Banksy, Barry McGee – TWIST, Beastie Boys, Bill McMullen, The Buzzcocks, Cey Adams, Daft Punk, Damien Hirst, Dan Witz, Daniel Joseph, Dave Denis, Dave Kinsey, Delta, Designers Republic / Warp Records, Destroy All Monsters, eBoy, Ed Templeton, Faile, FUTURA, Geoff McFetridge, Greg Lamarche, Gorillaz, HAZE, Hubert Kretzschmar, THE INKHEADS, Invader, Jenny Holzer, Jeroen INFLUENZA Jongeleen, Jim Phillips, José Parlá, KAWS, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Kenzo Minami, Kostas Seremetis, KR, The London Police, Marilyn Minter, M.I.A., Mark Gonzales, Martha Cooper, Maya Hayuk, MCA, Miss Van, Moby, Neckface, Peter Saville, Radiohead, Raymond Pettibon, The Ramones, Robert Lazzarini, Ron English, The Rolling Stones, Rostar, Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairey, Site God? Tony Arcasascio, Skullphone, Sonic Youth, Stanley Donwood, Steven ESPO Powers, Suitman / Young Kim, Swoon, Tess One & DJ NO of XMEN, Thundercut, Tom Sachs, Underworld / Tomato Design Group, UNKLE / Mo Wax, The Velvet Underground, The White Stripes, Yoshitomo Nara, ZEVS.


The STICKERS exhibition is underscored with music kindly provided by


The White Stripes



Fujiya and Miyagi

Nite Club



DB Burkeman, best known as DJ DB, is a British, New York-based  author, producer, creative consultant and an early pioneer in United States rave culture. DB is credited with being somewhat responsible in the early 90’s for bringing Jungle/Drum & Bass from his London hometown to America.

Since 1992 DB has been known in the U.S. for pushing and promoting Drum & Bass, first with his Hardcore/Breakbeat club NASA (featured in the Larry Clark film Kids), then with Sm:)e Communications releasing the first Jungle singles and compilations in the U.S, as well as signing DJ Dara and thereby kickstarting his music career. Dara and DB would go on to start Breakbeat Science recordings and store, the first in the U.S. to specialize in D&B music.

In 1993 Gary Pini and DB convinced Profile Records to back Robot Wars, originally conceived by ex-Industrial Light & Magic model maker Mark Thorp. The three of them staged the first live events in San Francisco. Robot Wars went on to become one of the top rated TV shows in the U.K.

In 1997 DB and Andrew Goldstone were hired by Warner Bros. Records to set up an electronic imprint, F-111 records. Two years into their contract, Ministry Of Sound poached the duo to head up A&R duties for the launch of an America version of the label. In 2006, Breakbeat Science was responsible for the first compilation in the U.S. of the new sub genre of Drum & Bass, Dubstep.

In 2010 DB expanded into another creative field by publishing the first ever book on the history of stickers & the artists who created them. DB and his partner, Monica LoCascio, Designer/Production Director for PAPER Magazine and independent curator, created “Stickers- from Punk Rock to Contemporary Art” AKA Stuck-Up Piece Of Crap (for Rizzoli Publishing). The book has become a massive success, being carried by both small independent sellers, big corporate chains and museums such as MoMA, Tate Modern and Centre Pompidou and others, as well as being brought into universities in the U.K and U.S. as the definitive document on the culture and history of stickers.

DB can currently be heard on the publicly funded online radio station, Art International Radio via his bi-weekly show called BLURRINGradio – a “mix-tape” of music, past & present that has, or is inspiring him. The concept is that of a non genre, non decade specific show and was inspired by the fond memory of DB growing up listing to the late John Peel in London. 


Summer exhibition opening party @ Big Screen Plaza – NYC


Big Screen Plaza, NYC 22 BBC Big Screens throughout the UK Cocor MediaChannel, Bucharest Federation Square, Melbourne Utsiten Kunstenter, Kvinesdal, Norway Chic Art Fair, Paris


GOTHAMIST  (July 14, 2011) “See Over 6,000 Stickers In 26 Minutes”

PMc MAGAZING  (October 2011) DJ DB


STICKERS: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art by DB Burkeman and Monica LoCascio aka Stuck-Up Piece of Crap Introductions by Carlo McCormick and Shepard Fairey

Paperback / 9 x 11.7” / 300 pages + eight sheets of removable stickers, most of which are original works, by artists such as Barry McGee, Ryan McGinness, and José Parlá. ISBN: 978-0-7893-2081-0 Purchase paperback from:  Amazon

Deluxe Edition Hardcover in 11 x 14” clamshell box / 300 pages + 23 die-cut stickers Each of the numbered 300 copies has 23 individual dye-cut stickers in a folder, with 8 stickers signed by Kenny Scharf, Rostarr, Aiko, Anthony Lister, Maya Hayuk, Marc Dean Veca, Skullphone & Dan Witz. ISBN: 978-0-7893-2082-7 Purchase deluxe publication from: Rizzoli Amazon

STICKERS features approximately 4,000 stickers from the exploding, vibrant world of street art, DIY culture, music, and branding. Cheap, democratic, easy to “tag,” and not always fast to fade, the sticker has been an ever-present medium—from the New York and London underground punk scene to skate culture and political expression. Celebrating the graphics of this street-art medium, STICKERS illustrates the timeline of this pastime, from counterculture to politics. STICKERS includes approximately 4,000 sticker graphics organized by categories and themes, with works by such diverse artists as Raymond Pettibon and Jenny Holzer; street artists such as Banksy, Neck Face, and Barry McGee; and amateur artists who “tag” the streets anonymously. With texts from artists and writers, including Swoon, Stanley Donwood, ESPO, Clayton Patterson, Carlo McCormick, and Michael Betancourt, STICKERS illustrates not only the visual and social history of sticker art but also the personal relationship that street artists and pedestrians alike have with stickers.

Introductions by DB Burkeman, author, and Carlo McCormick, curator, cultural critic, senior editor at Paper Magazine: A Sticker Geek’s Story by DB Burkeman Towards an Aesthetics of Adhesive Art by Carlo McCormick


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