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Ron Garan: experiments aboard International Space Station, and water purification on earth.

Experiments in space designed to understand and find solutions for problems on earth

US astronaut Ron Garan on board the International Space Station with five colleagues from the US, Russia and Europe.  He shares the perspective from space and describes the wide range of scientific experiments that are run on the station during missions, taking advantage of its unique situation — and how these developments can then be applied on Earth.


Manna Energy Ltd. was one of ten global innovators selected to participate in Launch: Water, the first sustainability forum of its kind, jointly sponsored by NASA, USAID, the U.S. State Department and NIKE, and is a member of the LAUNCH Council.

Installing Clean Water Systems Using Carbon Credits

Manna developed water treatment systems, biogas generators and high efficiency cook stoves in rural Rwanda

Global Water Challenge produced this video about the Manna model, profiling the water treatment system in Mugonero, Rwanda.

L’esperance in French means hope. It’s a fitting name for an orphanage in Rwanda, which now has clean water thanks to a GWC-supported project. Children at the orphanage used to have to make a daily trek 11 stories downhill to a pumping station and carry back-breaking jugs of water back up the hill.

Now the children harvest rainwater from the roofs in the rainy season and stores it for use throughout the year. And the project will pay for itself through carbon credits. Learn more at


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