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Cocor MediaChannel, Bucharest, Romania, was a core partner of Streaming Museum from 2008-2013 during its years of cultural programming. Streaming Museum exhibitions were viewed 40 times per day during its program schedule. More videos here

Cocor Luxury Store, located in downtown Bucharest, is the first luxury department store in Eastern Europe. Cocor (“Crane” English translation) has a spectacular media façade, thus linking it to such notable city landmarks as Times Square and Piccadilly Circus. Cocor Luxury Store’s impressive 3,300 sqm digital display system, designed and manufactured by Daktronics, is the largest spectacular installation in Europe. Cocor’s mediafacade, which opened in December 2008, has had a tremendous impact on the Romanian OOH market. It broadcasts for 16 hours daily. Half of the broadcast space is dedicated to brands who lease the screens, and the other half to content such as local news, traffic data, financial market, cultural events, social campaigns, tourist information, “amber alerts”, live TV broadcasts and campaigns using interactive access from a mobile phone or internet through WiFi, Bluetooth and SMS. Cocor MediaChannel broadcasts into the very heart of Bucharest, Romania’s capital with over 2 million inhabitants, and represents the only DOOH vehicle equipped with traffic counter due to the agreement made with the Capital Police. Every month, over 2.7 mil cars – 5.4 mil eyeballs – pass by the media façade. Carmen Andrei, CEO, Cocor MediaChannel Cocor MediaChannel is an outstanding example of media architecture and the largest media facade in Europe combining both commercial and cultural programming. Cocor’s staff has established the company as an international leader in the use of technology for community building with diverse local and international content.

Dan Barbulescu-CEO, Cocor S.A; Carmen Andrei-Executive Director; Laurentiu Stoica-Marketing Manager; Bogdan Stoica-Technical Manager; Alexandra Dinulescu-Sales & PR Manager; Samuel Tulimianu-Creative Director.


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