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Quihao's high fashion minimalist designs

Chinese high fashion designer and artist Qiuhao creates a soulful long-term connection between a garment and its wearer. His designs have a minimalist timeless quality and are a means to succeed years of trends.

Do you see the flickering light?

I have been running all the way and I think it’s time to slow down. Let others race ahead if they win – but I’d rather give it up. As time flies, win or lose – all is rendered meaningless. I slowed my steps for the beautiful things while you raged on and missed the beautiful moments.

The flickering light – do you see it?

Slow fashion values and practice of the “less is more” philosophy involves paying producers more for higher quality, longer-lasting garments, and caring more intimately about sustainable practices and a garment’s origin and path to purchase.

Qiu Hao, Ma Ke, Uma Wang, and Wang Yiyang are Chinese high fashion designers who, in various ways, approach their work mindfully, engendering the sustainable view and practice that needs to proliferate in China and the world. Read more


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