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Nordic Outbreak visited Screen City Festival, Stavanger

Jette Ellgaard, West Coast(2009)

In Stavanger, Nordic Outbreak visited Screen City Festival: Shaping Public SpaceMoving cityscapes on October 26, 2013The Festival was dedicated to the moving image presented in public spaces, on the city’s facades, shop windows and urban venues enlightening and changing the vision of the urban context of Stavanger. It took place for the first time during from October 25th – 27th 2013. The program experiment edwith the reshaping of public space through Media Art, presenting a program of video art, animation, creative data visualizations, projection mapping and participatory urban media interventions. The festival explored different perspectives on how we construct and deconstruct our city and most of all – space. The spatial practice of everyday life in comparison to the representations of space, how we perceive our city – to how we conceptualize our city – through mapping, planning and the intellectualization of space.

In Stavanger, the Nordic Outbreak program exploreed the notion of EVERYDAY TERRITORIES. Our everyday territories, both psychic and material – our household, work place or neighbourhood, and spaces that we occupy in virtual worlds – are held together by invisible rules, expectations and gazes of society. The works presented in Everyday Territories offer insight into fictive and real-imagined situations, which might appear to be ‘just normal’ but underneath the surface reveal narratives of economic inequality, domestic resistance, feminist issues, cultural displacement and dreams of escapism that exist in a parallel stream to the facade of normalcy.

Installed in the middle of the Lervigstunet park, an important site in the east side development of Stavanger, the theme responded to locally relevant issues of borders and migration and to Stavanger as a city in movement and development influenced by changing meanings of its physical, cultural and symbolic territories.

The Stavanger program included: Iselin Linstad Hauge, The Foreignness of Her (2011) Jessica Faiss, Rewind (2011) Jette Ellgaard, West Coast (2009) Jeannette Ehlers, Black Bullets (2012) Eva Olsson, On Non-Freehold Property (2011) Dodda Maggý, There, there (2013) Birgitte Sigmundstad, Morning (2011) Magnus Sigurdarson, 1001 Dreams of Occupation (2012) Antti Laitinen, Snowman (2006) Vibeke Jensen, SLEEPER_CELL (2003/2013)

Nordic Outbreak also participated at the Screen City Symposium: Spaces, Images, Communication: Improving New Urban Models on October 27, 2013. Tanya Toft presented Nordic Outbreak and spoke about methods and approaches to curating digital artworks and developing exhibition schemes for architecture and urban environments, followed by a panel discussion with curators of Screen City Festival,Daniela ArriadoandMirjam Struppek.

More documentation from Nordic Outbreak – Stavanger here.

Nordic Outbreak at Screen City Festival was a program of Streaming Museum curated by Tanya Toft and Daniela Arriado. It was supported by OCA and PNEK.


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