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Nordic Outbreak Launch in New York City

March 1 – April 6, 2013

Nordic Outbreak launched in New York City with a week of events and exhibitions in public spaces. The programs addressed contemporary dynamics in Nordic moving images and what “the Nordic” has come to mean in the digital age as a concept of aesthetics and identity.

The theme of the New York exhibition, Nordic Outbreak: Confronting Tales, Futures and Memories, questions the fictional narratives and tales that underpin the Nordic concept – of cultural values, identification with nature, melancholia, everyday life and the welfare model. These tales have shaped through past and present myths, memories and nostalgia, and in the traditions and rituals of everyday life, which ultimately shape ideas about the future. Confronting Tales, Futures and Memories is the umbrella theme of the total collection of artworks. It challenges the preconceived notions of ‘the Nordic’ concept as idea and identity.

Documentation from Nordic Outbreak-New York here.

Prelude March 1-31: Björk's Mutual Core in Times Square

Nordic Outbreak opens in New York with a special edited version of Björk’s ‘Mutual Core’, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, which takes up Times Square Art’s Midnight Moment every night three minutes to midnight through March. This is a prelude to the launch week of exhibitions and events in New York City March 31 – April 6, 2013.

Video by David Bates, Jr.

Big Screen Plaza

851 Avenue of the Americas, between 29th and 30th Street (behind the Eventi Hotel) April 2 and 4

QNQ/AUJIK, Cathexis (2012) Una Lorenzen, In The Crack Of The Land (2009) Miia Rinne, Sea (2012) Søren Thilo Funder, Everywhere (2007) Superflex, Rebranding Denmark (2006)

Manhattan Bridge Archway

April 4, 6-9

Mogens Jacobsen, Landskaber (2006/2007) Styrmir Örn Gudmundsson, First Level (2012) Jessica Faiss, Rewind (2011) Miia Rinne, Sea (2012)

Installed in the Manhattan Bridge Archway, the works reflect on movement, memories and transition.

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

April 5, 2013


Jesper Just, Llano (2012) Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Fishermen (Études no 1) (2010) Sigurdur Gudjónsson, Veil (2012) Dan Lestander, Dreams and Wishes (2010) Jeannette Ehlers, Black Bullets (2012) Ken Are Bongo, The Wind Whispers There Is Someone Behind The Tundra (2006) Dodda Maggy, There, There (2013)

The selection of works reflects on issues of sustainability and global futures in depictions of scenes and imaginations of nature as meditative, thought provoking and experimental spaces.

On Bowery

April 6, 7-11pm

Magnus Sigurdarson, 1001 Dreams of Occupation (2012) Marit Følstad, Pretty Girls Can Kill (2008) Pernille With Madsen, Transition (2008-2009) Hannu Karjalainen, Towards an Architect (2010) J Tobias Anderson, The Wind (2007) Jette Ellgaard, West Coast (2009) Antti Laitinen, Snowman (2006)


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