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Nordic Outbreak at Danish Architecture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish Arcitecture Centre is a gathering point for all those interested in new architecture, urban development and innovation in the built environment.

Digital technologies play a major role in shaping and orchestrating our urban surroundings.  The digital city witnesses new connections between art and architecture, and between everyday life, information and technology. The digital world merges with the analogue and releases new options for both our development and that of the city.

Part of Nordic Outbreak

Digitally Disturbed is a digital exhibition project, which challenges the “disturbance” caused by digital technologies and generates new conditions for urban space, architecture and life in general. Works in the exhibition are part of the digital art and video installation project, Nordic Outbreak, which was launched in New York earlier this year year.

Works in the exhibition

The exhibition in the Danish Architecture Centre consists of a façade installation, digital projections and video installations created by eight Nordic artists, all of whom have various perspectives on space, perception and urban identity.

The works are distributed over several floors, both inside and outside the building, thus occupying all sorts of spaces and situations, in which visitors can interact with the works on various different terms.

Egill Sæbjörnsson (Iceland/Berlin), Brick is the Key (2013) façade installation

Site-specific, video-mapping projection, involving sound specially designed for the façade of DAC.

Commissioned by Streaming Museum and Danish Architecture Center The façade installation, October 10 and 11, 8.30 pm to 12.00 midnight

Digitally Disturbed is part of the Nordic Outbreak touring exhibition program presented by Streaming Museum and DAC.

Digitally Disturbed has been developed by the Danish Architecture Centre in collaboration with Streaming Museum in New York. The exhibition has been curated in close discussion with Tanya Toft and Jacob Lillemose.

The exhibition is supported by Realdania, the Danish Arts Council, the Oticon Foundation, the Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point.

The works in Digitally Disturbed were previously presented as part of the digital arts and video installation project, Nordic Outbreak, at Streaming Museum, and launched as urban space installations in New York in spring 2013. Nordic Outbreak is a touring exhibition project, which in autumn 2013 will visit the Nordic countries. The project explores contemporary trends in live images from the Nordic art scene, and focuses on how digital art can involve the city in new ways.

The exhibition Digitally Disturbed at the Danish Architecture Centre is on view from October 11 – 20, 2013 Admission free.  Website and details

Danish Architecture Center Strandgade 27B DK – 1401 Copenhagen K T +45 3257 1930 WEBSITE


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