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Formed in 2014, The Tapi Project has had an incredible and somewhat unique musical journey to boast of. Finding themselves amongst music that was born organically, devoid of any practised effort to create “a sound”, the music of The Tapi Project quite naturally, carries the flavour of their individual and collective selves, their travels and their astute observations of the world around them.

Their music is a continuous revival and re-telling of stories and themes that make up modern India, held together by remarkably compelling songwriting and compositions that are simple and accessible. Their music therefore straddles the world of folk, jazz, rock and weaves in layers of musical styles that the band is influenced by.

Following the release of their eponymous album in 2015, The Tapi Project had their debut tour in Europe in 2016. This was followed by 3 more tours until 2022, covering over 30 countries across the UK and Europe and parts of SouthEast Asia. These performances include a variety of venues and festivals such as Trunchonbury Festival (UK), Jazz Na Calo (Bulgaria), Lucerne Festival (Switzerland), Everness Festival (Hungary), Awaji Festival (Japan), Festival Ulicnih Sviraca (Montenegro) and Festival Karusel (Serbia), to name a few.

They have also been featured on prominent print and radio platforms such as The Songlines Magazine (UK), BBC Radio, Serbian National Newspaper and Hong Kong National Radio.

After an extensive run in international markets, The Tapi Project were ready and eager to bring their music to audiences in their homeland. This resulted in their India tour in 2022, playing at major festivals and venues such as Mahindra Kabira Festival, SOWS Festival, World Sacred Music Festival, Gujarat Literature Festival, MTV Sessions, Windmills Craftworks and Abhivyakti Festival. More recently, The Tapi Project rocked the stage at Mahindra Independence Rock in November 2023, bearing testimony to the diversity of their music and audiences.

The Tapi Project: Yogendra Saniyawala (acoustic & bass guitar, lyrics, composition), Swati Minaxi (voice), Gaurav Kapadia (drums) and Biju Nambiar (keyboards, bass and drums).


Lyrics (Hindi) mehsoos, aaj, kya kiya? bandh aankho se, makhmali hawao ko chhuua?! khuli aankhon se, rui se badal ko, dekha?! mehsoos yaad hai kaise, pukari thi koyal, suna? subah ki os, laapta ojhal, kaha? mehsoos moti tu, haar ye duniya,

dor ko tune, mehsoos, kiya kya?

English translation

In the great movement of life, what did you experience today?

Have you experienced the silken touch of the air, with your eyes closed?

Have you stopped to gaze wide-eyed at the drifting puffy clouds?

Somewhere in the corners of your memory, can you recall the sound of the cuckoo bird?

When did you last smile at the magic of the mundane; that slowly disappearing wisp of dew? You are the pearl in the necklace that is this world But have you felt the thread that keeps you strung together?

Album Credits

Lyrics: Yogendra Saniyawala Composition: Yogendra Saniywala, Swati Minaxi, Biju Nambiar, Gaurav Kapadia,

Manuel Lagullón Olivares Vocals: Swati Minaxi Acoustic and Electric guitar: Yogendra Saniyawala Keyboards: Biju Nambiar DoubleBass: Manuel Lagullón Olivares Drums: Gaurav Kapadia Recorded at Limda No Vaayro, Surat Mixed by Vijay Benegal at The Audio Guys Institute, Mumbai Mastered by Gethin John at The Hafod Mastering, UK

Dolby Atmos Mixed by Vijay Benegal at The Audio Guys Institute, Mumbai Mastered by Jeremy Hagry at Dune Audio Productions LTD, UK

Music Video Credits

Music video shot, edited, colour corrected by Aditya Varma at Normal Films Shot at Limda no Vaayro Space aesthetics: Swati Minaxi

Artwork by Aditya Varma

The Tapi Project Logo by Ketul Patel Advisor: Aishwarya Natarajan, Indianuance


Aishwarya Natarajan, Advisor - I 9987194842 Yogendra Saniyawala - I 7874253422


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