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EVO1: Maciej Wisniewski


by Maciej Wisniewski

netomat™ takes visitors for a ride into the Internet's subconscious. Unlike traditional web interfaces such as web browsers, which rely on the model of the web page and retrieve preconfigured content, netomat™ engages an Internet that is alive and unpredictable. In response to words and phrases typed in by the viewer, netomat™ dialogues with the Internet to retrieve text, images, and audio, and to flow them simultaneously onto the screen without regard to the display design of the data source. Using a new, audio-visual language designed specifically to explore the unexplored Internet, netomat™ reveals how the ever-expanding network interprets and reinterprets cultural concepts and themes.


Maciej Wisniewski is an artist and programmer whose work focuses on the underlying social implications of technology and the Internet. netomat™ and his earlier projects--metaView( 1998),Turnstile Part I and II( 1998),ScanLink (1998),Jackpot (1996), and Tele-Touch (1996)--have been featured in on-line and off-line exhibitions at Postmasters Gallery, New York; ZKM (Zentrun für Kunst und Medientechnologie), Karlsruhe, Germany; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Guggenheim Museum SoHo, New York; Johannesburg Biennale; and Benjamin Weil's "äda'web." Wisniewski received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Hunter College, New York City, and studied towards a Ph.D. at the Institute of General Linguistics and Computational Linguistics, University of Stockholm.


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