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EVO1: Olia Lialina


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THE LAST REAL NET ART MUSEUM My Boyfriend Came Back... Remix, 1998, Vadim Epstein Flash, 2000, Auriea Harvey&Michael Samyn VRML, 2000, Dragan Espenschied Real Audio, 2000, Vika Text Only, 2000, Roman Leibov Video, 2000, Marton Fernezelyi Animated gif, 2000, Mike Konstantinov Paper, gouache, 2000, Masha Boriskina Action alert, 2000, Florian Schneider critique / student, circa 1997, Edmund Yu Wolfenstein version, 2001, JODI

My Boyfriend Came Back From The War, Olia Lialina.

My Boyfriend Came Back...Remix, Vadim Epstein.

Olia Lialina's My Boyfriend Came Back From The Waris a reflection on "wars" (literally and metaphorically) as well as communication and dissemination of information over the Web. Clicking on the images, comments, questions and statements in the frame structure causes a split of the frame (and conversation) into subdivisions of increasing complexity.

The Last Real Net Art Museum used My Boyfriend Came a starting point and evolved into an archive of variations on the project, created by multiple artists. Within a network, data has the potential for seemingly endless recombination, recycling, and reproduction, and can be presented in various contexts.The Last Real Net Art Museum uses this intrinsic of the network for a reconfiguration ofMy Boyfriend Came various forms, from Flash to VRML, video and audio. The framing of the project as a last net art museum points to possibilities that traditionally aren't accomodated by museums as institutions--the infinite reconfigurations of information in an open system. This net art museum may be the "ultimate" one in that it conceptually allows for infinite expansion. It constitutes an alternative model that hopefully won't be the last one of its kind.


Olia Lialina was born in Moscow in 1971 and graduated from Moscow State University as a journalist and film critic in 1993. She is widely recognized as a pioneer of the Internet art scene and was the founder ofThe First Real Net Art GalleryandThe Last Real Net Art Museum. She created more than a dozen net art projects and received awards forMy Boyfriend Came Back From The War(WEB ART CONTEST, Sao Paulo, 1997) andAgatha Appears(NET-ART'98, ISEA, 1998). Lialina has presented and exhibited at conferences and exhibitions worldwide, including Ars Electronica, Linz, (1997, 1999); MOCA, Los Angeles (2000); Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2000); La Biennale de Montreal, Montreal (2000); VIPER Festival, Basel (2000); MediaZlounge, New York (2000); Totalmuseum, Seoul (2001); and Media Connection, Rome (2001). Lialina has taught workshops and seminars around the world and currently is a professor at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart, Germany.


Vadim Epstein --

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Fernezelyi Marton --

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