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Erkki Huhtamo, media archaeologist, “Here, There, and Everywhere: Toward Glocal Media Archaeology”

Keynote speaker for Nordic Outbreak symposium at Scandinavia House, NYC

Erkki Huhtamo, author and Professor of Media History and Theory at UCLA was keynote speaker at Scandinavia House, NYC which launched Streaming Museum’s Nordic Outbreak, an internationally touring exhibition of 30 Nordic contemporary artists.


Erkki Huhtamo is Professor of Media History and Theory at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Department of Design | Media Arts. Professor Huhtamo holds a PhD in Cultural History. He has published extensively on media archaeology and the media arts. Media archaeology is an emerging approach he has pioneered since the early 1990s. It excavates forgotten, neglected and suppressed media-cultural phenomena, helping us to penetrate beyond canonized accounts about media culture. Professor Huhtamo has applied this approach to phenomena like peep media, stereoscopy, the notion of the screen, electronic games and mobile media. Professor Huhtamo’s most recent books are a monograph titled Illusions in Motion: Media Archaeology of the Moving Panorama and Related Spectacles (The MIT Press, 2012), and Media Archaeology: Approaches, Applications and Implications (edited with Dr. Jussi Parikka, University California Press, 2011).


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