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Electric Signs by Alice Arnold - urban screen culture

ELECTRIC SIGNS is a poetic and timely documentary about signs, screens and the urban environment. The film’s narrator, a city observer modeled on the critic Walter Benjamin, takes us on a journey through a variety of urban landscapes, examining public spaces and making connections between light, perception and the culture of attractions in today’s consumer society. ELECTRIC SIGNS (58:00) is available at Icarus Films.


Alice Arnold’s films and photography work investigate the urban environment and visual culture. Her most recent film is “Electric Signs,” which explores signs, screens, public space issues and visual culture in several cities around the world.

Her work has been screened at the Museum of Modern Art, among other festivals and venues, and she is a recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship (Film, Hong Kong) and a New York Fellowship of the Arts (Photography). In addition to making media she also teaches media studies and media production at the School of Communication at American University. Alice is part of the Streaming Museum advisory team.


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