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Design’s role in solving the world’s most critical problems is the focus of a growing number of educational institutions and organizations around the world.

“What Design Can Do,” is a two-day conference in Amsterdam that is bringing together some of the world’s leading thinkers on design and challenging them to use their skills to help improve the world. “We want to show that design is more than just a beautiful illustration or a nice chair; it’s also a tool to solve problems,” said Richard van der Laken, who is among the designers that founded the conference in 2011 and is its creative director. “It can be much more than just aesthetics. For creative people themselves, it’s a call to action: You have these skills, so please use them in a way that benefits society.”

At Streaming Museum we believe that art and its creative process can also be considered design that plays a role in solving world problems by communicating inspiration and knowledge.


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