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Streaming Museum and artist Edwina Sandys celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall with a 12-screen exhibition in Berlin at Friedrichstrasse the main transportation hub. HERE

Streaming Museum collaborators in Berlin have been MOMENTUM, and Public Art Lab’s Media Facades Festival Europe 2010. Streaming Museum presented 5 exhibitions at MOMENTUM – on the Sky Screen and in the Gallery: Revelation, Cyborg Alarm, Kairos, We Write This To You From The Distant Future, and Artistic License in Silicon Valley.  Selected work from past exhibitions was exhibited at the Public Art Lab's Media Facades Festival.


MOMENTUM, founded by Rachel Rits-Volloch and Cassandra Bird, is a global platform for time-based art, with a mission to promote the work of and enable exchange between exceptional international artists, galleries and institutions while continuously reassessing the nature and relevance of time-based art. MOMENTUM is a non-profit institution which collaborates with both commercial and non-commercial galleries, private collections and art initiatives. Launched as an exhibition and international symposium of galleries and art professionals in Sydney in 2010, MOMENTUM is now based in Berlin with a gallery space, exhibition and salon program, a collection, and public art space. In addition MOMENTUM is developing several artists’ residencies across international locations. The Berlin gallery functions as a gallery of galleries, selectively inviting international artists through their galleries and private collectors to show time-based art. In 2011 MOMENTUM’s programs collaborated with leading galleries in Australia, Hong Kong, and New York. Curated group shows are also featured, each being accompanied by screenings on the new public art screen as well as a Salon event. MOMENTUM Salons bring selected art professionals together to discuss the current show and its broader implications. MOMENTUM has a growing collection of international video art, which we exhibit in Berlin and abroad, and that we make available on our website as a resource to educate the public and art professionals alike, opening up a world of video art from the most established to emerging artists, working with a diversity of techniques and ideas.


MOMENTUM is a Gallery, a Salon, a Collection, a Residency, a Public Art initiative, and a Network active in several parts of the world. By enabling exhibition, discussion, collection, creation, and exchange, MOMENTUM is a platform which challenges the notion of time-based art both in the context of historical and technological development. As the world speeds up, and time itself seems to flow faster, MOMENTUM seeks to explore how time-based art reflects the digitization of our societies and the resulting cultural change.


By questioning the nature and relevance of time-based art MOMENTUM | Worldwide pushes and breaks down boundaries between disciplines and media. Focusing on the art of the moving image and moving body and evolving technologies, MOMENTUM redefines conventional gallery practice by serving as a gallery of galleries, collections, and institutions. Positioned as a global platform, MOMENTUM seeks to serve as a bridge joining professional art communities, irrespective of national borders. The key ideas driving MOMENTUM are: Collaboration, Exchange, Education, and Exploration.

By collaborating with international galleries, private collections, institutions, festivals, and individual artists, MOMENTUM aims to import the best of worldwide time-based art to Berlin. MOMENTUM also seeks to foster a sustainable exchange connecting the global art community by exposing our collaborators to diverse cultural contexts, audiences, and art markets through a residency program and a network of residency partners worldwide. MOMENTUM proposes to create a two-way flow, sharing resources and opening up markets by providing links and communications between international networks of artists and institutions. MOMENTUM aims to create an educational exchange between the general public, cultural institutions, and the art world: through public art initiatives, in fostering the interchange of resources, making the MOMENTUM Collection and video archive of events available online, hosting talks, workshops, and monthly discussions which build new networks and explore new technologies and their impact on art practices.

The term ‘time-based’ art means very different things today than when it was first coined over 40 years ago. MOMENTUM strives, through collaboration, exchange, education and exploration, to determine many new meanings over the years to come. Amidst the abundance of arts institutions dealing with time-based art, MOMENTUM’s mission is to fill the critical gap in communication between the institutions themselves. In building and sharing networks across international and institutional borders, MOMENTUM becomes truly Worldwide, interconnecting artists, audiences, curators, collectors, and their various institutions through a platform which has traveled from Sydney to Berlin, and is planting new roots worldwide.

About MOMENTUM Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997, Berlin


Public Art Lab’s Media Facades Festival Europe 2010

The Collegium Hungaricum Berlin was the main festival location in Berlin. It included a 40m² large rear projection window and the Panorama Hall, which is clearly visible from the boulevard Unter den Linden. The restaurant behind the 15m² large front window below communicated with the public space and provides the possibility of live streaming on the projection windows. Susa Pop was the Festival’s Initiator and Producer, and Mirjam Struppek, the Artistic Director. Streaming Museum exhibited on the Collegium Hungaricum facade and participated from NYC in the cross-continental conference.

Collegium Hungaricum, 9 Dorotheenstr. 12, 10117 Berlin

The project aims to create a networked infrastructure of urban screens and media facades to circulate artistic and socially relevant content throughout Europe. CONNECTING CITIES will establish an exchange between urban activists, creatives, passers-by and city inhabitants from all over the world via media façades and large digital screens. As an interdisciplinary network, CONNECTING CITIES unites political, economic and artistic interests.

The initiator of the project is Public Art Lab (Berlin) in cooperation with Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz, BIS (Body Process Arts Association) Istanbul, FACT Liverpool, iMAL Brussels, m-cult Helsinki, Medialab Prado Madrid, Media Architecture Institute Vienna, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Riga 2014, and Videospread Marseille. Other partners include the Aarhus UniversityMarseille-Provence 2013MUTEK Montréal and Quartier des spectacles Montréal.


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