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ANOUK WIPPRECHT: Fashion Technology

Wipprecht creates technological couture that intersects her background in fashion design with engineering, science and interaction design. She creates a “new nature” art fashion comprised of artificial intelligence ‘host’ systems on the human body that move, breathe, and react to the environment around them. They are robotic, intimate interfaces. Curator, Sabin Bors, Founder, Anti-Utopias


Smoke Dress, 2012 by fashiontech designer Anouk Wipprecht and technologist Aduen Darriba The dress is a wireless and wearable tangible couture “smoke screen” imbued with the ability to suddenly visually obliterate itself through the excretion of a cloud of smoke. Ambient clouds of smoke are created when the dress detects a visitor approaching, thus camouflaging itself within it’s own materiality. The “SMOKE DRESS,” with its loose net of metallic threads and electrical wire, works at the scale of the magical illusionists trick, permitting a hypothetical magician’s assistant to perform her own disappearing act” – Valerie Lamontagne for


Spider Dress, 2012 by fashiontech designer Anouk Wipprecht and software engineer Daniel Schatzmayr An interactive robotic dress equipped with sensors and mechanic limbs that protects the wearer and attacks upon personal approach.

Presented during VIVE LE ROBOTS / Cafe Neue Romance in Prague during the EU Robotics week November 2012 and prototyped during TEDX Vienna in collaboration with the ‘METALAB’ – Vienna’s famous hackerspace. Black plexiglass by EVONIK industries (Germany).


Pseudomorph, 2012 Dutch haute-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht continues her work on the theme of transformation using the sensual properties of moving liquids and technology is a co-creator in this dress that paints itself. Interview: – “Pseudomorphs: dresses that paint themselves” by Melissa Coleman


Daredroid 2.0, 2010-2011 Biomechanic cocktail making dress Image c. Jean-Sebastien Senacal and Anouk Wipprecht Read more at ANTI-UTOPIAS



A prototype of an 3D printed second skin will be revealed during the V&A exhibition ‘Synthetic Aesthetics’ (opening April 25, 2014) as a first attempt to create a fluid-dynamic sample within computer generated design. Born from the collaboration between fashion-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht, Italian Architect Niccolo Casas and Autodesk Bio/Nano/Programmable Matter (BNPM) Group research scientist Aaron Berliner comes the integration between fashion, technology, nature-inspired patterns, and exotic biological phenomena.

Through Project Cyborg, a BNPM web-based metaplatform for cross-scale biological manipulation, an biological inspired fabric was designed, 3D-printed, and merged with custom electronics. Through automated tessellation algorithms and additive manufacturing technology, the dress can be fitted with fluids such as ink or [end-stage] bioluminescent algae in any generated pattern.

Photography Jason Perry. Model Melissa Lamoreaux Amanda Lind. Make-up artist Parker Day. Design: Anouk Wipprecht, Niccolo Casas, Aaron Jacob Berliner, Matt Pinner + Project Cyborg (AutoDesk) // usage of Autodesk Maya (3D modeling software) Read about AUTODESK Research

ANTI-UTOPIAS anti-utopias, founded in 2011 by Sabin Bors, is a curated contemporary art project exploring new territories in the field of curatorial practices. The project is built around a comprehensive thematic and critical international contemporary art platform and functions as an ongoing laboratory for experimental approaches to contemporary art. VISIT ANTI-UTOPIAS


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