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"We want to give the general public the vision of a post carbon future that is awesome!" -- Robert Ferry, Co-founding Director, LAGI


Land Art Generator, one of the world’s most followed sustainable design events, is accelerating the transition to post-carbon economies by providing models of renewable energy infrastructure that add value to public spaces, reflect human culture, inspire people about the beauty of a world without fossil fuel, and educate the next generation of energy landscape designers. The design brief for LAGI design competitions contains these requirements: the artwork is to capture energy from nature, cleanly convert it into electricity, and transform and transmit the electrical power. 


Go to to see competition designs for The Land Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Project partnership multi-disciplinary design challenge—LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch—that will create the foundational infrastructure of Fly Ranch including power, water, food, shelter, regeneration. 


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Below are 27 shortlisted submissions to the 2019 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition for Abu Dhabi, sponsored by Masdar and held in partnership with the 24th World Energy Congress. Masdar City is a ‘greenprint’ for the sustainable development of cities through the application of real-world solutions in energy and water efficiency, mobility and the reduction of waste.

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