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Creative Innovation and

The Next Renaissance in Europe 

What Can It Be?

Streaming Museum is a partner in its pursuit through
The European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Creativity & Culture - a body of the European Union. 
Programs begin in 2024.

The Institute will transform Europe’s cultural and creative sectors and industries. Culture and creativity are the soul of Europe, with the power to improve lives, transform communities, generate jobs and growth, and create spill-over effects into other sectors, ensuring that Europe becomes the powerhouse of innovation in the world.

Publication and website


The publication and website, The Next Renaissance, an initiative of the Institute, brings together makers and thinkers in art, tech, industries, innovation and generations in Europe.

Two articles by Streaming Museum are featured - "Of Poets: Human and Robot" and "How We Live Together", originally published in the UN 75th anniversary issue of CENTERPOINT NOW "Are we there yet?", the publication and ©2020 of World Council of Peoples for the United Nations, co-produced with Streaming Museum.

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