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CENTERPOINT NOW, “Are we there yet?”
Publication commemorating the UN’s 75th anniversary with works and commentary by international artists, activists, innovators, academics, and policy-makers


“Defending the values of the United Nations does not imply remaining trapped in a bygone era,” states Jan Eliasson, former UN Deputy Secretary-General in his Foreword.

CENTERPOINT NOW, “Are we there yet?” presents an unexpected take on the United Nations’ 75th anniversary, reflecting on the immense scope of the UN’s mandate through topics as diverse as the implications of space exploration, ethics for human health, the impact of peacekeeping, women and finance, traditional medicine, global migration, gender and climate change, architecture and energy solutions for the future, AI and humanism, the neuroscience of bias, overcoming the challenges of multilateralism, and more.

The strong emphasis on art invites the reader to engage with the subjects on various levels. Nina Colosi, founder of Streaming Museum and co-producer of the publication, explains: “Because the arts have the ability to influence and motivate people to engage in critical issues—changing minds by changing hearts, they can be considered essential among innovators who are developing solutions to the problems addressed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

“CENTERPOINT NOW, Are we there yet? was created to mark the milestone of the UN’s 75th anniversary; question if humanity has what it takes to fulfill the ambitious mission of the United Nations; and identify areas of opportunity for progress,” notes editor-in-chief, Shamina de Gonzaga. Designed to engage sectors of society that may not otherwise interact, discussion platforms and other activities following the publication’s release will bring together representatives of diverse cultures, disciplines, generations, and schools of thought to learn from one another and spark new insights.


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CENTERPOINT NOW “Are we there yet?” was produced by WCPUN Executive Director Shamina de Gonzaga in collaboration with Streaming Museum Founder Nina Colosi. Publisher: World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN) © 2020.

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