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Streaming Museum at Microwave Festival, Hong Kong

Streaming Museum is pleased to present at the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival – 

The Overview Effect & Other Planetary Interconnections

(2006—13) (US, France, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal)

Streaming Museum


Duration: 81mins

長度: 81 分鐘

15 | 11 | 2013 | Fri 五


Future Cinema Studio (M6094), Level 6, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong


Astronauts who have seen the Earth from space have often described the “overview effect” as an experience that has transformed their perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it, and enabled them to perceive it as our shared home, without boundaries between nations or species. Commercial space travel will expose thousands of private citizens to the overview effect over the next decade. Their responses to this transforming experience will bring about a new kind of self-awareness and a new global consciousness that will instigate practical actions towards sustainability.

This exhibition is inspired by Overview, a film by Planetary Collective about astronauts viewing earth in space, and expands on its theme with a collection of artworks that reflect a range of thought provoking planetary interconnections. Artists include: Maurice Benayoun, Lincoln Schatz, Mark Amerika, Eduardo Kac, Michael Najjar, Andrea Ackerman, Marcus Neustetter, Claudia Hart, Emanuel Pimenta, Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang. The ‘Overview Effect and Other Planetary Interconnections’ is curated by Streaming Museum, founded in NYC in 2008, which produces contemporary-themed exhibitions of multi-media arts and presents them on screens in public spaces on seven continents,, and at cultural centers internationally.

宏觀效應和行星聯繫 (美國、法國、德國、南非、巴西、葡萄牙)

《曾經從太空上看過地球的太空人經常會形容「概觀效應」(Overview Effects)是一種轉換對星球和人類所居地的看法的經驗。這種經驗使他們感覺這是我們無分國界共同的家。在往後的十年,因為商業太空旅遊數以千計的地球人民即將會經驗到「概觀效應」。他們對於這個轉換經驗的反應會帶來一種新的自我意識與及一種新的全球意識,這些意識將會激起對可持續發展的實際行動。

這放映展覽啟發自The Planetary Collective行星集團的「Overview」映像計劃,一齣講述太空人如何自太空觀看地球的電影。透過多件藝術作品去拓展此概念,並反映一系列有關發人深省的行星互連想法。參與藝術家包括莫奔(Maurice Benayoun)、林肯.雪茲(Lincoln Schatz)、馬克.阿美利卡(Mark Amerika)、愛德華多.卡茨(Eduardo Kac)、邁克.納賈爾(Michael Najjar)、安德烈.阿克曼(Andrea Ackerman)、馬庫斯(Marcus Neustetter)、克勞蒂.亞哈特(Claudia Hart)、伊曼紐爾(Emanuel Pimenta)、Björk及安德烈.湯馬士.黃(Andrew Thomas Huang)。「宏觀效應和行星聯繫」由串流博物館策劃;串流博物館於2008年在美國紐約成立,致力製作當代主題的多媒體藝術展,在七大洲的公共空間屏幕、網站streamingmuseum.org與及多個國際文化中心裡展出作品。


The Planetary Collective (US)

行星集團 (美國)

Overview (2012)



Interviews with astronauts who have experienced the overview effect provide insights about its relevance to how we meet the challenges facing our planet at this time.


Maurice Benayoun (France)

莫奔 (法國)

Emotion Forecast (video version) (2010)

情感預報 (錄像版本)


This real-time data visualisation artwork depicts the Internet as the nervous system of the world by measuring 48 emotions on websites related to current events in more than 3200 cities worldwide, revealing the results in a hyperactive map.


Lincoln Schatz (US)

林肯.雪茲 (美國)

Elon Musk, Cube Portrait from Esquire’s Portrait of the 21st Century (2008)

伊隆.馬斯克 : 21世紀的立方體肖像


After minting his fortune during the Internet boom of the late nineties, Elon Musk is building businesses in three 21st-century industries: space exploration, solar power, and electric automobiles. Surrounded by images of SpaceX rockets and Tesla cars in this generative portrait, these images, he says, represent the output of his mind.


Mark Amerika (US)

馬克.阿美利卡 (美國)

Immobilité (remixes) (2009)



This collection of remixes of Immobilité, a feature-length foreign film shot on a mobile phone in Cornwall, UK, was produced for urban screens. What are dreams and active memories if not personally rendered remixes of multi-media source material? How will a technologically advanced world effect what it is to be human and what is it to become?


Eduardo Kac (Brazil/US)

愛德華多.卡茨 (巴西/美國)

Edunia from Natural History of the Enigma (2003—2008)

Edunia 花之迷的自然史系列


“Edunia” is a genetically engineered flower hybrid of the artist and Petunia. The work is a poetic reflection on the contiguity of life between different species and what other life forms might exist or be created beyond earth. It received the Prix Ars Electronica, Golden Nica Award in 2009.

「Edunia」是一種通過轉基因工程將牽牛花及藝術家本身合為一體的植物。此作品是對於不同物種的共同生命延續的詩意反照,並探索其他存在於地球以外或在地球以外被創造的生命體。作品曾獲2009年奧地利Prix Ars Electronica的金獎(Golden Nica Award)。

Michael Najjar (Germany)

邁克.納賈爾 (德國)

Bionic Angel series (2006—2008)



The series takes as its starting point the future transformation and technological control of human evolution.


Andrea Ackerman (US)

安德烈.阿克曼 (美國)

Rose Breathing (2003)



At the intersection of technology, nature, aesthetics and ethics, this work prophetically signals the inevitable integration of technology and nature.


Marcus Neustetter (South Africa)

馬庫斯 (南非)

Chasing Light (2010)



Using the amplified sounds of the northern lights, water and a laser, the artist simulated the northern lights that he has not yet been able to see for himself and his audience during several performances.


Artist/professor Claudia Hart (US) and 24 international students at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

美國芝加哥美術大學教授及藝術家克勞蒂.亞哈特與及其24位國際學生 (美國)

On Synchronics (2013)



Avatars struggle to break out of the confines of the all too often alienating media saturated technological computer world to preserve their autonomy and humanity.


Emanuel Pimenta (Brazil/Portugal)

伊曼紐爾 (巴西/葡萄牙)

Kairos (2012)



An architectural design for an observatory in Earth’s orbit.


“Human must rise above the Earth – to the top of the atmosphere and beyond – for only thuswill he fully understand the world in which he lives” – Socrates (469-399 BC)

「人類必須超越地球,在大氣層之上與及之後,然後他才能真切了解他所居住的世界。」蘇格拉底 (Socrates,469-399 B.C.)

Björk (Iceland) directed by Andrew Thomas Huang (US)

Björk (冰島), 導演 : 安德烈.湯馬士.黃(美國)

Mutual Core (2012)



Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, Mutual Core is part of Björk’s Biophilia Series, which combines music with technological innovation and explores the human connection to nature and the universe.



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